"Richard III" by Shakespeare in English


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16 и 17.12.2023

Начало: 19:00 часа

Двама фалирали търговци на автоаксесоари представят своята версия на историята за кървавия крал Ричард - една от най-поставяните в Шекспировия канон. Представлението е на английски. /Елате, дори да не се смятате за англоговорещи! Даваме обяснения в хода на играта :)/
Копродукция на Субтеатър и Ателие Пластелин.
С участието на Мартин Ноев и Я.К. Йондин.
снимки @Ivan Donchev
Билети 15 (учащи) и 20 лева.
Начало 19.00
Местата са ограничени - моля, резервирайте на 0899895521/0877041858
Спектакълът е подкрепен от Столична програма "Култура".
Atelie Plastellin has the pleasure of inviting you to Subtheatre's version of "Richard III" by Shakespeare. The performance is in English and is produced with the financial support of the Program "Culture"of Sofia Municipality, 2018.
You will have the chance to see the story of the ruthless Richard, Duke of Gloucester who eliminates all his rivals to become king. The play is performed by two individuals who normally sell motor oil and car accessories, and whose business went bust a while ago ousted by the merciless competition. They decided to learn from their mistakes and enrolled in a marketing management course, where their mentors advised them to be more aggressive and eventually put them in a role game with villain characters from literature. This is how they came to know Richard...
The motor oil retailers will present their new marketing strategy using the play by Shakespeare as a guide, Richard as a mentor, and lots of empty plastic motor oil bottles as puppets to stand for more than 20 characters in the play!
With @Martin Noev and @Yavor Kostov-Yondin
photo @Ivan Donchev
We start at 7.00 pm.
Tickets on entrance. Price 15 & 20 leva.
Book on 0899 895521 /0877041858 /number of seats 20!/