Театър , Изложби , Фестивали , Обучения,

Селина Роса



pain and relief

love and libido

beast and beauty

fear and anger

dreams and nightmares

myth and reality

id, ego, superego

Coming from vienna, the austrian painter selina rosa is exploring the extremes

...and the space in between

линк към видео от Ивайло Златков

2 коментара:

  1. neuspiah da otida na izlozbata

    I didynt macke to come to Event,
    I have forget, on that time I think about to get a licence for truck driver C+E... , now I have licence, some day we can meet in Austria!

    Selina write me, Ivo

  2. I didynt macke to come, I forget, ot that time have a licence exam for truck driver C+E, I em very sory that mees that drink whit you
    but now I have licence and I whill be driving, we can see in Austria some day
    write me Selina!


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