МАРТ 21 The Strawberry Finns@Atelie Plastelin

Angelica: Can you hear the bells ringing? This room is so big and white. It’s empty, but the entire house is filled with white voices. My heart is a beating drum. Don’t kiss the cook, the thief, his wife and her lover.

Alexander: Love me gender, love me sweet. I am the cousin of the sun. There’s a delivery for you, Mrs. Robberts – it’s the head of your former lover. I’m chewing the world, gently. With no intention of becoming a shadow. No intention at all.

Alonso: My biggest enemy – the colour Blue has come to slaughter me. Oh, please save me. Please, hide me in a cupboard or bury me in the ground. Then I’ll grow and become an oak try where you and your lover could carve your initials.

Constantine: There is no now. There is no before. There is no after. There are no words. There is no language. There is no history. There is no future. There is no fear. There is no power. There is only Music.

We are The Strawberry Finns.
We do music/dance/freestyle poetry improvisation.
We might call our style an intersection of blues/jazz/electronic/psychedelic/indie/singer-songwriter/trip-hop/downtempo.
We don’t really care about labels.
We don’t really care if you’re black/white/yellow/bi/gay/straight/questioning/man/woman/trans/nonbinary/religious or not
just as long as you come over.

Let’s create а world together
No hate. Only Love. And glitter!


Entrance: 7 lv.
Language: BG, EN

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