Shakespeare In The Basement: Measure for Measure 12.01.2019

Shakespeare In The Basement: Measure for Measure 

"Atelie Plastelin" and "Subtheatre" are proud to present their new project "Shakespeare in the Basement" which offers fresh interpretations of plays by Shakespeare done in English by professionals but through the eyes and with the understanding of complete non-professionals. We dive in the minds of ordinary people who interpret the stories and build the characters in their own idiosyncratic way.

"Measure for measure"
Jelyazko ‘Ironman’ Totev is a probationer now, after serving a year in the Kasichene penitentiary. As part of his public service program, and following the social impact agenda he has committed to, he chose to put on stage “Measure for Measure” by William Shakespeare (being play about The Law), where he is a solo actor using puppets and objects. The production hasn’t been seen and approved by the probation officers, yet. You are kindly invited to be the audience at the very presentation in front of the commission!
Suitable for English speakers over 14.

With Yavor Kostov-Yondin

Ticket price 8 lv
Sold before the show
Book on 0899 895521
Start 19.00

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