Imagination dead imagine 06.02.2020

Imagination Dead Imagine /performance in English/
By Samuel Beckett

No trace anywhere of life, you say, pah, no difficulty there, imagination not dead yet, yes, dead, good, imagination dead imagine."

An enigmatic 1000-word story written by Beckett in the 1960s and “distilled” by him over years into a taut, haunting monologue. In this rarely seen work, author and character, black and white, hot and cold, man and woman—endless and infinitely small—oppose each other and mingle in a both despairing and elevating vision.

Actor and translator: Yavor Kostov
Director: Yanko Velkov-Yanetz
Stage designer: Sonya Despotova

The performance is 40 min long and will be played twice - at 19.00 and at 20.00
Ticket price 8 levs
Sold at the entrance

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